In today’s world with economic meltdown and price cutting, customers think twice before they purchase anything. If it comes to cars, the customers go for less fuel consumption cars that give more mileage. When it comes to SUV automobile market, there are different versions in different classes, so that every customer can purchase what they require.

You will find top three versions that are leading in earnings and which offers a fantastic price with great functionality and luxury. The first one is the luxury large SUVs and in this class the best vehicle is the 2010 Acura MDX that has proven as leader with all the price range of $42,000 to $52,000. Acura MDX maintains its very first position in its class with stellar security ratings, with excessive amount of standard and has got many high technology features. The gas consumption makes the Acura MDX one of the finest in its kind. Some of the typical features which are included in the car are, a 253 watt audio system with a 60-CD changer, with live traffic navigation system and Bluetooth and many more.

In luxury car rental los angeles is an affordable automobile with price range starting from $35,000 up to $40,000. It’s good fuel intake and ranks in first in its class with design and comfy comparable to luxury models. It’s powerful V6 Engine; it features Bose surround sound, higher tech accessories like a rear view camera system, OnStar and all leather interior with Bluetooth. This Buick Enclave can alter itself and drag and pull large items as the second and third row seats can be folded down.

The third category is the Compact SUVs, where the 2010 Honda CR-V is among the best in its category. The purchase price range starts from $20,000-$28,000, as the price is nearly half the price of the other luxury SUVs, it has some advantages. There are a few features which won’t be featured in this CR-V such as Bluetooth and the Honda CR-V has 4 cylinder engines. But there is touch-screen navigation system that is appealing and easy to use which can draw the consumers. The CR-V has high ratings as it is reliable and provides good performance and its resale value is high.The SUV marketplace offers vehicle to suit the requirements of every driver with different versions and features with price range that different drivers can manage.

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